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Baader Bank is the bank for the capital market. It allows its clients to access international capital markets and to invest in financial products in an effective, efficient and secure manner. The bank uses the latest innovations in the banking industry for products, processes and technology to generate added value for its clients. As a family-run, full-service bank headquartered in Unterschleissheim near Munich with around 400 employees, it is active in the business segments of Market Making, Capital Markets, Multi Asset Brokerage, Asset Management Services, Banking Services and Research.

As a fully-licensed bank, Baader Bank participates in the system of safeguards set up by the Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken).

With its cooperation partner AlphaValue, Baader Bank is offering one of the largest pan-European coverage offerings of over 600 companies from 30 sectors. The interactive Baader Europe platform enables investors to compile their research preferences themselves, adapt valuation models and compare companies’ performance and valuation multiples on a daily basis. By using a chat function, there is also the possibility of quickly consulting the analysts. As well as equity research, ESG and credit research are available for each company that is covered. In addition to share research, Baader Bank’s strategy and ETF research product supports institutional investors in their decisions on asset allocations and implementing active investment strategies. Furthermore, the ETF research team provides recommendations for short and medium-term trading strategies to the bank using ETFs.

Over the last few years, the joint team of 45 analysts has consistently demonstrated the high quality standards that they set themselves through awards and outperformance of the various top pick lists.

Baader Bank contributes to Baader Europe’s coverage of ~ 150 companies across more than nine sectors with a focus on the GSA-region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). In a fundamental, technical and quantitative top-down approach, the award-winning Baader Helvea Equity Research team of more than 13 senior analysts and share strategists formulate index targets, analyse relevant macro topics, define economic scenarios and provide statements on market timing and European sector trends. At the level of individual securities, sector specialists with more than 10 years of professional experience regularly conduct studies for investors and provide independent and clear insights and recommendations.

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Access to Research: www.baadereurope.com
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The Association of German Banks is the voice of the private banks in Germany. As a leading trade association, it coordinates, shapes and represents the interests of the private banking industry and acts as a mediator: bankenverband.de



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